Pane Biscottato is the product of the oldest peasant tradition. The recipe is the one handed down by the grandmother that allows us to bake a bread with a strong and consistent taste, like the one of the past. The end result is a hard bread biscuit with an old-fashioned flavour that needs to be soaked before eating.

Thanks to the use of bran and wholemeal flour, it is naturally rich in fibre, light and deliciously crunchy. In its two variants, Biscotti di Grano and Biscotti Misti Integrali, it is perfect for quick recipes with a summer flavour, but also goes well with soups.

Durum bread has been part of the culinary tradition in Campania for centuries and we could say that, to this day, it is a real must-have of our cuisine. Absolutely to be tried in one of the many delicious pancotto recipes.



Code: 2570

Format: 600 gr


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