Buffalo Camembert is a classic cheese with a creamy texture and unmistakable aroma, made even tastier by top-quality Italian buffalo milk. Ingredients: Pasteurised buffalo milk, salt, rennet, pennicillium.


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Buffalo Camembert is a cheese that combines the French tradition of Camembert with the intensity and sweetness of buffalo milk. This cheese has a soft and creamy white paste, covered with a thin, edible white rind. Its flavour is unique, intense and sweet, making it ideal to enjoy on bread crostini and in combination with white wines, even sparkling ones. The main ingredients are buffalo milk, salt, rennet and Penicillium. Store it at a temperature between +2°C and +7°C to maintain its freshness.

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This little gem of a cheese, with its extremely soft texture, is envied even by the most refined French. Its extraordinary symphony of aromas and flavours enhances the characteristics of Camembert, thanks to the buffalo milk. A taste experience not to be missed!


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