Pancetta is a cured meat prepared from pork belly: it has mixed layers of meat and fat.

The parts of the pigs’ belly are squared and trimmed. Whether or not the rind remains depends on the type of preparation envisaged for the bacon. The bacon trimmings are used for the fat part of the salami (lard) or to obtain crackling.

After trimming, the bacons are salted. They are sprinkled with salt (in some areas, in addition to salt, flavourings and spices are also added – for example, black pepper is frequently added, rarely other flavourings such as cloves and nutmeg) and are left to rest for a few days.


Rolled -Code: EMM323 / Tesa -Code: 395a

Format: approx. 1.5 kg vacuum-packed

Shelf-life: 180 days


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