It is a blue-veined buffalo cheese with a raw paste and a characteristic parallelepiped shape. It is produced with pasteurized buffalo milk only.


Code: 1799

1/8″ slices

Shelf-life: 60 days


Blu di Bufala is a raw blue cheese made from fresh buffalo milk. Its characteristic shape is that of a parallelepiped, with a dry, ridged rind that is amber-gray in color. The pale straw-colored paste has blue veins, more or less diffuse, and some irregular cavities. The aroma is intense, with notes of ripe milk and mold. Over time, aging imparts hints of underbrush and mushroom to the cheese. The flavor is persistent and almost always sweetened by the fatty sensations typical of buffalo milk. Blu di Bufala is aged for at least 90 days, but reaches maximum sensory enjoyment with 6-month aging.

Blu di bufala online shop, awards and accolades

This cheese has won numerous awards, including the Silver medal at the Mondial du Fromage 2019 (Tours, France), the Super Gold medal at the World Cheese Awards 2017/18, and the title of World’s Best Italian Cheese at the World Cheese Awards 2017/181.

In short, Blu di Bufala is a true dairy gem, prized for its complexity of flavors and its origin linked to the buffaloes of our land.


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