Buffalo ricotta is a soft cheese prepared with the residual whey from the processing of buffalo mozzarella. The consistency is soft and grainy, but never sandy. The aroma of buffalo milk does not have the same intensity as that of mozzarella, in fact it goes well with both sweet and savoury dishes. A fresh cheese rich in proteins and vitamins but at the same time very light.


Size: 250 g and 1 kg

Heat-sealed tray

Codes: 321 / 321b

Shelf-life: 21 days


Buffalo ricotta is a culinary treasure rooted in Italian tradition. This dairy product, produced with care and passion, is a true symbol of Campania, a land of authentic and genuine flavours.


Buffalo ricotta shop online, Origins and Production Process

Buffalo ricotta is not really a cheese, but a dairy product. Its name derives from the Italian word ‘ri-cotta’, which means ‘twice cooked’. This refers to the production process: ricotta is made from the whey that remains after coagulation for the production of other cheeses, such as buffalo mozzarella.


Buffalo ricotta shop online, this is how it is made:

Whey: After rennet is added to the milk, curds (solid part) and whey (liquid part) are obtained. The whey is used to make cottage cheese.

Whey Heating: The whey is heated to high temperatures, coagulating the proteins within it.

Collection and Draining: The coagulated proteins are collected and placed in a perforated container to allow the paste to drain further.

The best ricotta comes from fresh, whole whey, preferably buffalo milk. Its texture is soft and creamy, with a delicate, enveloping flavour.


Buffalo ricotta cheese online shop, Nutritional Properties

Buffalo ricotta is a true concentrate of goodness. Here are some of its nutritional properties:

High Quality Protein: Ricotta contains proteins with a high biological value, surpassing even meat and other dairy products. It contains all the essential amino acids in the right amounts.

Calcium and Phosphorous: It is rich in calcium and phosphorous, which are valuable for healthy bones and teeth.

Vitamins A and E: Contributes essential vitamins.

Here are the average nutritional values of buffalo ricotta per 100 grams:


Energy: 212 kcal

Water: 67%.

Protein: 10.5%.

Lipids: 17.3%.

Carbohydrates: 3.7% (all soluble sugars)

Calcium: 340 milligrams

Phosphorus: 380 milligrams


How to enjoy Buffalo ricotta


Ricotta di bufala shop online, use in the kitchen
Buffalo ricotta is incredibly versatile and lends itself to many preparations:

Creative starters: A ricotta accompanied by slices of prosciutto, crostini with oregano and extra virgin olive oil, and a few slices of tomato. A quick, colourful and delicious starter.

Pasta al Pomodoro: Add ricotta cheese to your pasta col pomodoro for an original touch. The buffalo ricotta cheese amalgamates and enhances the flavours.

Nutritious Breakfast: Spread it on a slice of wholemeal bread or focaccia for a healthy and tasty breakfast.

In conclusion, buffalo ricotta is an authentic gastronomic jewel, to be savoured with gratitude and respect for the Campania tradition.


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