Smoked buffalo braid cheese



Smoked buffalo braid cheese DOP obtained from the processing of mozzarella. The shape is obtained by braiding the dough, after the spinning operation. Finally it is smoked.


Available in Treccia and Mozzarella formats

Weight: from 100 gr to 4 kg


Code: 1712


The smoked buffalo braid is a cheese that enchants with its characteristic shape and goodness. This dairy product, made from buffalo milk from Campania, is a true symbol of the Italian dairy tradition.


Smoked buffalo braid cheese online shop, Origins and Production Process

The buffalo braid is a variant of buffalo mozzarella, but is distinguished by its hand-braided shape. Here is how it is made:

The Pasta Filata: This is made from fresh buffalo milk. The dough is heated and processed until it becomes elastic and malleable.

The Manual Braiding: The cheesemaker takes a portion of pasta filata and stretches it, creating an elongated shape. Then, with skill, he braids the dough to obtain the characteristic plait.


Smoked buffalo braid cheese online shop, Characteristics

The buffalo braid is a fresh, rindless cheese with a soft, slightly elastic texture. Its characteristics include:

Braided Shape: The braid is a treat for the eyes, with its intertwined coils.

Sweet and Slightly Sour Flavour: The buffalo paste gives the braid a delicate and enveloping flavour.


Smoked buffalo braid cheese online shop, nutritional properties

Nutritional information

Here are the average values per 100 grams of smoked buffalo braid:


Energy: 1098 Kj / 265 kcal

Fats: 21 g (of which saturated 13 g)

Carbohydrates: 0,9 g (sugars 0,9 g)

Protein: 18 g

Salt: 0.2 g (maximum)

Calcium: 220 mg

Phosphorus: 300 mg

Curiosity and Tradition


Smoked buffalo braid cheese online shop, use in the kitchen

In the kitchen, the buffalo braid is versatile:

Creative starters: Cut into slices, the braid is perfect for hors d’oeuvres. Accompany it with cherry tomatoes, basil and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Pizza and Focaccia: Grate it on pizza or focaccia for a fresh, creamy touch.

Salads and Sandwiches: Add it to salads or sandwiches for a touch of goodness.


Smoked buffalo braid cheese online shop, Curiosity and Tradition


The buffalo braid is a product that celebrates the art of cheese-making in Campania. Its manual processing requires skill and passion, and the result is a cheese that enchants for its simplicity and authenticity.


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