For the preparation of Salame di Napoli only cuts of meat from shoulder, thigh, neck and loin ham can be used, appropriately trimmed by removing the fat cover, the soft fatty tissue and the larger connective parts. The fat used must be the hard fat cover and the bacon fat. The meat and fat must be minced using a die with holes 12-14 mm in diameter. The fat added to the mixture may not exceed 25 %. The natural casing must be made of pork.

Processing and maturing are carried out using traditional methods very similar to those of other salamis produced in Campania. Drying and seasoning must take place in properly ventilated rooms. During the drying phase the salami is smoked. The minimum maturation period varies depending on the size of the product, but it is never less than 30 days. Salame di Napoli has an elongated cylindrical shape, with an outer surface of a deep red colour, with fatty fractions in evidence, a compact and non-elastic consistency, a typical smoky smell, a sweet and characteristic smoky or spicy flavour. It is excellent eaten like this, between two slices of bread, but it is also a fundamental and absolutely irreplaceable ingredient for many recipes of the popular Neapolitan cuisine, such as the Neapolitan rustico, a delicious sweet-salty contrast, this is the peculiarity of the rustico, typical of the Neapolitan rotisserie.


Code: 388b

Format: about 1 kg

Shelf-life: 180 days


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