With their sugary flavour, they are rich in vitamins. They have a good anti-cancer effect, strengthen the immune system and help the cardiovascular system. In the kitchen, recipes with cherry tomatoes involve not only fresh pasta, where they become a delicious summer condiment, but also sauces for main courses. Marinades, for example, or meat and fish in tomato sauce, often see the use of cherry tomatoes which add flavour, and in the right doses, do not cover up the strong taste of the type of meat chosen. But that’s not all, we can use cherry tomatoes to garnish delicious bruschettas, pizza, but also to enrich salads and mixed vegetable dishes. Many also use them in the preparation of vegetable broth or as a side dish, perhaps baked with sugar and spices, to obtain so-called confit cherry tomatoes.


Available in cherry and date varieties.

Availability subject to seasonal variations

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