Fresh, spreadable buffalo cheese with a soft, decisive and surprising taste.


Code: 1836

Vacuum packed tubs of about 200 gr

Shelf-life: 15 days


Buffalo spreadable cheese is a dairy delicacy that deserves to be explored in depth. Obtained by processing buffalo milk, this fresh cheese has a soft and creamy texture, perfect for spreading on bread, croutons or used as a topping for savoury dishes.

Characteristics of Buffalo Spreadable Cheese

Origin: Only the richest and noblest buffalo milk can produce a flake as sweet and delicate as that of our fresh spreadable cheese. The very white colour, soft on the palate and melting, is reminiscent of Mozzarella di Bufala. This speciality was awarded the ‘Quality Recognition’ at the 2009 CacioBù cheese competition, winning over the tables of even our most demanding customers.

Buffalo spreadable cheese, production

The milk is processed through a process of coagulation and subsequent pasteurisation, guaranteeing the safety and shelf life of the product. The end result is a spreadable cheese with a velvety texture and a balanced mix of sweetness and slight acidity.

Buffalo spreadable cheese in cooking

The delicate, enveloping flavour of buffalo cheese goes well with a variety of ingredients. You can enrich it with herbs, black pepper or cherry tomatoes. It is ideal for preparing appetisers, sandwiches, salads or simply spread on a slice of fresh bread.

Tips for enjoying it at its best

Bread and Croutons: Spread the cheese generously on your favourite slice of bread or on freshly baked croutons. Add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a few fresh basil leaves for a Mediterranean touch.

Salads: Mix buffalo cheese spread with green salads, cherry tomatoes, black olives and oregano. It will be a real flavour explosion!

Pasta: Add a generous spoonful of cheese to your favourite pasta. It will gently melt, creating a creamy and tasty sauce.

Bruschette: Spread cheese on toasted bread slices and add prosciutto, rocket and a dash of balsamic vinegar. A great idea for a tasty appetiser.

In short, buffalo cheese spread is a culinary treasure that deserves to be appreciated for its freshness and the quality of its ingredients.


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