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Burrata, a pasta filata cheese, is produced in Apulia, particularly in the city of Andria. This handmade bag of pasta filata containing a heart of Stracciatella is today one of the best specialities of Apulia.

Ingredients : Milk , cream , salt , truffle (3%) – or gorgonzola, rennet, no preservatives.





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One of our flagship products is burrata di bufala, a truly excellent southern Italian product.

Burrata di bufala online shop, the products

On our official website you can find buffalo and cow burrata directly from Apulia and Cilento.

Burrata are available in 125 grams, 250 grams,

Also available:

– 100 gram smoked burrata;

– Burrata with mint 100 grams;

– Burrata with bead 1 kg;

– Smoked Burrata 100 g;

– Burrata gorgonzola 100 grams;

– Burrata in leaf of 330 grams;

– Truffle Burrata 125 grams;

– Burratina of 80, 100, 125 and 150 grams;

– Burratina anchovies and crusco peppers of 100 grams;

– Nduja-flavoured burratina of 100 grams;

– Olive and marjoram burratina 100 grams;

– Sea urchin burratina of 100 grams.

Burrata di bufala online shop, characteristics

Burrata di bufala is a fresh, creamy cheese that wins everyone over from the first taste.

Burrata takes the form of a round pouch of hand-moulded pasta filata that encloses a mixture of cream and flakes of the same pasta filata, called stracciatella. The term ‘stracciatella’ derives from the way the contents are prepared, because the pasta filata is actually torn by hand to form irregular ‘lucini’.

Burrata made from buffalo milk is a food rich in protein and fat even though it has a very low carbohydrate content as well as containing a good amount of calcium. Obviously, being a fresh cheese, burrata has a higher fat content than mature cheeses.

Burrata di bufala has a similar composition to mozzarella, although with some variations. In general, per 100 grams of product, you have:


Calories: about 250-300 calories

Fats: approx. 20-25 grams, of which saturated 13-15 grams

Protein: approx. 15-20 grams

Carbohydrates: approx. 1-3 grams

Calcium: approx. 350-400 milligrams


The minerals contained in burrata are mainly calcium, phosphorus and sodium, while the vitamin profile consists mainly of retinol equivalents (vit A), riboflavin (vit B2) and some tocopherols (vit E).

Burrata is a food that is not suitable for the nutrition of the overweight or hypercholesterolaemic.

The sodium content is not alarming, which is why a small portion of burrata could also be included in the diet against hypertension (only in the absence of overweight).

The amount of calcium is useful for individuals who need to ensure a high intake of this mineral in their diet, such as those growing or at risk of osteoporosis.

The average burrata portion is about 50-100g.

Burrata di bufala online shop, processing

Burrata is characterised by an outer layer of solid mozzarella and a heart enriched by fresh cream or butter. The texture is softer than mozzarella; even more inside.

It is a fresh pasta filata cheese, obtained by processing buffalo milk, and can be found on the market in wheels of different weights.

The raw milk is pasteurised and added with the whey from the previous processing and the curd is then broken down to the size of a walnut.

The resulting paste is acidified and placed in vats with boiling water for the stretching process.

At this point, bags are made from the stretched dough in which the butter nuts are stored. The delicious filling inside is given by the cream obtained from the centrifuged whey of the cheese itself.

Burrata di bufala online shop, how to store it

Keep fresh burrata in the unopened shop packet until the expiry date or for a few days beyond the expiry date. If you open the packet but do not use it all at once, transfer the liquid to an airtight container and store the leftovers in the refrigerator for a day or two. Once the burrata has been cut into balls, it is best to consume it immediately. Burrata does not freeze well.

Keep the burrata in the fridge for two or three days. If you notice that the leaves surrounding the burrata start to wilt or turn brown, eat it immediately; when these leaves start to show their age, the burrata is near the end of its life.

Burrata di bufala online shop, use in cooking

Burrata di bufala is a cheese with a dual personality and should be enjoyed in its entirety.

Generally, it is advisable to cut the cheese into round slices, so that the two souls of the mozzarella can be tasted. Also excellent on its own, buffalo burrata is perfect for making mixed salads, ideal for summer lunches and dinners. Alternatively, you can divide the two parts and spread the buttery part on croutons or warm bread.

With a bit of imagination, the burrata di bufala can also be used as an ingredient in appetisers, first and second courses: from simple bruschette with burrata, cherry tomatoes and fresh vegetables to battered courgette flowers filled with burrata, to pastas with creamy sauces made with this special stringy cheese. Burrata di bufala, for example, is particularly well suited as a filling for pasta dumplings.

Thanks to its delicate flavour, this cheese also perfectly accompanies fish. With scallops, for example, you can make excellent ravioli with a creamy filling for special occasions and festivities.

Thanks to its creamy texture that melts easily, buffalo burrata also has excellent binding power for making rustic sauces with aubergines, tomatoes and basil.

Used as a cheese in its pure form or also as a condiment or filling for pasta and savoury pies, the buffalo burrata gives every dish the right degree of freshness and sweetness.

Among wines, the winning combination is undoubtedly with young, crisp reds.

Burrata di bufala online shop, origins

Burrata is the fruit of the Apulian art of cheese-making, in particular that of Andria. It is said that the burrata di Andria was invented in an old masseria in the first decades of the 20th century by brothers Vincenzo and Lorenzo Bianchino. Due to a heavy snowfall, they were unable to transfer the milk to the city, so they needed to process it and, above all, use the cream or crema that naturally emerged. So, following the concept of making mantéche (matured pasta filata wrappers in which butter is stored), the Bianchino brothers tried to make a fresh product using the same principle: they thought of mixing the leftovers from the processing of pasta filata with cream and wrapping it all in a wrapper also made of pasta filata.


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