Menaica Anchovies in Slow Food Presidium Extra Virgin Olive Oil



Fillets of Menaica Anchovies Slow Food Presidium processed and filleted by the skilful hands of our

our artisans and placed in jars with extra virgin olive oil.

They lend themselves to every type of recipe, even the simplest: they are excellent for preparing

pasta dishes, pizzas, seasoning vegetables and salads, or on a slice of homemade bread with butter.

Menaica anchovies are fished on days when the sea is calm, between April and July;

the fishermen go out at sunset and spread their nets out to sea, blocking their passage at night, using a

night, using a special technique that derives from the centuries-old experience of the ancient


The particularity of this technique is precisely the net, which is called ‘MENAICA’.

Product in oil.


Package of 50 grams – Product code 3505

Package of 120 grams – Product code 3506

Package 250 grams – Product code 3509

Package of 500 grams – Product code 3510

Package of 800 grams – Product code 3511


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