Slow Food Presidium salted Menaica anchovies 500 gr.



Menaica anchovies are fished on calm sea days, between April and July, in the Cilento area.

The fishermen go out at sunset and spread their nets out to sea, blocking their passage at night, using a special technique.

night, using a special technique that derives from the centuries-old experience of the ancient


The particularity of this technique is precisely the net, which is called ‘MENAICA’. It selects

only the largest anchovies, which, nervous and darting, become agitated and lose most of their blood in a short time.

The fishermen pull the net back to the surface by hand and pull out the fish one by one, cleaning them directly of the guts and head, and placing them in boxes.


Package of 100 grams – Product code 3512

Package of 250 grams – Product code 3513

Package of 500 grams – Product code 3514

Package of 1 kg – Product code 3515


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